Learning to Bake: Daily Bread

Daily Bread

There’s something special about a loaf of whole grain bread fresh from the oven. It’s inviting and warm and perfect for sharing. In my very first blog post, I wrote about bread and shared a recipe for a gouda cheese variety made with the help of a bread machine. Leaving my trusty bread machine behind when we moved overseas, and without even a mixer to do the kneading, I was determined to carry on baking bread without the convenience of a machine. On my first shopping trip to gather kitchen supplies for our new Abu Dhabi apartment, I picked up two loaf pans, brought them home, and stored them away along with all my good intentions. A year later and the pans sat barely touched. The multi-hour process required by traditional bread making was far too labor intensive to become part of my regular cooking routine, so I searched for an alternative method that would mesh with my approach to food: healthy, easy, and flavorful. Continue reading